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Monday, April 7, 2014

May or May Not Monday

I may or may not have not blogged at all last week.  Ok, obviously not.  It was a crazy week - cleaning for my in-laws coming, Lu's birthday, J's work was insane with things not working right and left.  I'm pooped! 

We may or may not have gone completely overboard on the three year old's birthday celebration.  Dinner with family at Red Lobster, then a princess party on Saturday and a viewing with her friends of the brand new Tinkerbell movie, and a trip to Walla Walla yesterday for brunch and shopping.  She's now convinced everyday is her birthday and it may take a while to wear off.

I may or may not have finally gotten around to planting my seeds for this spring/summer/fall herbs.  I think I was supposed to start them indoors in probably February, but April works too, right?  Just nod and smile for me.  At least we had fun this morning in the dirt.

I may or may not have a single Thirty-One party scheduled for this month which is So SO frustrating for me.  I hate feeling like I could do better but not knowing how to fix it.  Especially when I hop online and see other consultants around the country having fabulous Aprils.

I may or may not be using a church fundraiser tonight as an excuse to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner because I'm too worn out from the weekend to cook.  Or think about cooking.  Or make a menu in general. 

I may or may not see a nap in my future today.

Read Kate's May or Not Monday at Alone with the Heavens, Nature and God too!  And comment below if you decide to do your own!

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