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Monday, April 28, 2014

May or May Not Monday

Wherein we own up to our mistakes in a non-judgy space.  Feel free to join in!

I may or may not have functioned on about a third the amount of sleep I really truly need the past three weeks.  My anxiety is surfacing again and with it, depression and insomnia.  If I can't get myself to sleep by 11:45, or if for some reason I wake up after that (hello heartburn, I'm looking at you) then there's almost no chance of me falling asleep by 4 am.  Which makes raising a strong-willed three year old with limitless energy its own special hell.

I may or may not spend these quiet sleepless hours googling all that I can on pregnancy after stroke, reading drama novels, watching BBC period shows (NOT Downton Abbey) and generally doing things which deter sleep and make me more miserable.  Intelligents, I haz it.

I may or may not have gotten a bike for my birthday two weeks ago and have ridden it precisely twice.  It's hard to get bike riding time in when you have a little one who wants to keep up with you but is unwilling/unable to ride a tricycle or balance bike.  And I may or may not be slightly opposed to cruising through our neighborhood with her trailing after me screaming "Wait for me, Mama!"

Some of this stress may or may not be from the church women's retreat coming up this weekend.  I am not good at a) social situations b) interacting with other women c) not being able to find a safe space for alone time every day.  All of these three things will be combined for three days this weekend and while I'm thrilled to be spending some time with a few people, I am more than a tad apprehensive about spending time with others.  If you're wondering which group you fall in, I assure you, it's the first.

I may or may not have spent an inordinate amount of time (and tape) on making a fort for my daughter out of the plethora of Thirty-One shipment boxes scattered around our house.  So far, it is a two room fort, which she can pull her pillow, 5x6 ft blanket, several stuffed animals and snacks into in order to watch Frozen on the iPad.  It is an enormous hit and I'm stupid proud of it. 

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