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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wednesday (Usually Wordless)

Our daughter turned three last month.  So I did the Pinterest-y thing and started a yearly survey.  Here's this year's:

How old are you?  Eight, and four and thlee.
What do you like to do with your family? Listen. (HA!  Yeah, right.)
Favorite Color? Purple! And Pink Tinkerbell!
Favorite Toy? Makeup! (her fake makeup which she does play with a lot but also happened to be holding) And my ponies.
Favorite Fruit? FISH! (Me: fish is not a fruit. Her: Mommy. I love my fish. Me:…okayyyy….)
Favorite BERRIES? Raspberries
Favorite thing to watch? Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Tinkerbell
Favorite thing to eat for lunch? Bananas and raspberries wif sprinkles
Favorite thing to wear:?  Tinkerbell dress (Her pajamas) and Hello Kitty rainbow dress.
Favorite Game? Tinkerbell game! (sensing a theme?) The rainbow Game! (Peggle 2)
Favorite snack? bunny cookies
Favorite Animal? Piggies (we just went to see some) Also, Kitties.  And A BUNNY!
Favorite Song? Jesus song (Jesus Loves Me)
Favorite Book? New Katerina (Angelina Ballerina and Henry)
Best Friend? Nati
What's your favorite holiday?  God's birthday! 
Favorite Thing To Do Outside? go to the park
Favorite Drink? chocolate milk (ovaltine)
What Do You Like To Take To Bed With You At Night? Bunny! (Also, pink blanket and totoro light)
Favorite Thing To Eat For Breakfast? cereal (Cheerios) this is a lie. She really likes yogurt and fruit and will just throw Cheerios at the cat trying to get them to eat it.
What Do You Want For Dinner On Your Birthday? ice cream !
What Do You Want to be when you grow up? bigger. and race da cars.
What makes you happy?  Bunny
What makes you sad?  Getting owies.

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