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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts - Sending out some Love

Remember yesterday how I posted that awesome picture about some "free shit"? 

Here's your announcement.

See that pile of knitted objects?  They're all things without a home.  I have more than enough scarves, hats, wraps, etc than I will ever need and I'm beginning to suspect my family members of becoming slightly suspicious at my enthusiasm for gifting them another scarf in place of whatever was on their wishlist.  And the majority of them are from patterns published with the caveat you cannot sell them for profit, thus eliminating them from a potential item for the Etsy shop that I always think about starting but never do.

So I'm passing on the love.  The knitted love.  Each week, at some point, I'll try to remember to post a picture of some knitted item that needs a new home.  The first person to make a donation to a charity and claim it, will get it.  Just message me - on FB, leave a comment, text me, or email me and we'll exchange the necessary info and I'll do my best to get it in the post for you.  I'm not going to pick a charity for you to donate to (although I'm partial to World Vision at the moment), or an amount, and I'll take your word for it that you've donated. 

First up:

A "wingspan" scarf.  It's approximately 48" long, and Noro wool, which means hand wash and dry flat please.  Noro is a brand if you're not a yarnie.  You could use it as a fun scarf, or a garland in your house, either way it's bright and pretty...although not quite as neon-y bright as in this picture (I didn't edit this at all).  And unused in this house.  Give it a home?
I need a home!

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