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Monday, March 17, 2014

May or May Not Monday

I may or may not be wearing a flowered dress with pink and black plaid pajama pants because it's too cold for said sleeveless dress without fleece pants, but said dress is the only item in my closet clean that's got green on it.  My daughter is staunchly refusing to wear green, as it is clearly not pink or leopard print.  Happy St Patricks Day.

I may or may not have eaten so much crappy food on our mini vacation the first week of March that all I want is a big helping of broccoli.  Ice cream sounds repugnant, cookies sound awful, and I took one bite of my caramel brownie last night before handing it over to my husband.

I may or may not be fighting a ridiculous urge to re-decorate our entire house.  Again.  *shakes fist at Pinterest*  And I have an Ikea trip coming up.  This does not bode well.

I may or may not have tried to air dry laundry this morning out back and had to go out three separate times to pick up the drying rack which had blown over.  I am putting off cleaning out our dryer vents because I may or may not be afraid of the creepy crawlies living under our house where the vent ducts are.

I may or may not have broken down and bought four pairs of fingernail clippers at the grocery store this morning because I cannot find any pairs at home.  I know we have several.  They're just missing and I'm tired of searching for them.

Be sure to join in the conversation with your own May or May Not Monday and own up to your shortcomings.  Confession is good for the soul and there are no judgey faces here!  And check out Kate's May or May Not Monday while you're at it!

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