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Friday, March 14, 2014

Follow Me Friday - Dinnertime

New month - new Follow Me Friday!  I missed last Friday because we were out of town.  But I polled my friends and it's been determined that this month's goal is to eat every dinner that takes place at home around the dinner table.

I don't know why this is so hard for me.  Ok, well I do.  I'm lazy.  And I'd rather sit in front of the tv, curled up on the couch than take the extra time to set the table.  Plus, the cat litter boxes are in the same room.  That's not very appealing.  But, we put up a wall of sorts between the table and the cat boxes, so at least we can't see them and the table is protected from the litter dust for the most part.

The first two weeks of this were actually fairly easy.  We ate out a few times at the beginning of the month and then we were out of town for five days.  So it's really just been two days then a long break, then this week. 

I've noticed that dinner takes a lot less time for DH and I to eat and a lot longer for our toddler.  She's not distracted by whatever is on the screen, so she's not automatically eating.  She's grown much MUCH pickier about what she'll eat and is distracted every few seconds by something else.  The computer screen saver came on!  The cat walked by!  A bird flew past the sliding glass back door! 

All of this adds up to more frustration for me.  I appreciate that it gets us away from the television, but to be honest, this sort of sucks with a child at this age.  And our dining room is awkwardly set up so I feel somewhat claustrophobic with the dvd book cases, the tea/coffee cart, the desk, the catbox area, and the dining room table with its six mismatched chairs in there. 

I'll give it the rest of the month, then we'll see if it's a habit I'll keep or re-visit in another few months with an older child.

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