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Monday, February 24, 2014

May or May Not Monday

I may or may not have started working through my entire Pinterest desserts board the past few weeks to weed out the bad ones (hah!).  Which has included cake batter Rice Krispy treats which may or may not have all been eaten in one gaming session over the weekend with our friends.

I may or may not be serving the exact same menu this week as we did last week.  Finances are tight, I'm burned out on finding new menu ideas, and going gluten-free sounds exhausting at the moment.

I may or may not have gone bra-less most of the weekend b/c my PMS is so bad it has my ahem...chestal area aching.  And this may or may not have included church where I was called up on stage.  And I spent a very uncomfortable seven or eight minutes hoping no one noticed.

I may or may not have finally gotten around to emptying one of the three laundry baskets full of clean laundry that has been sitting there for a month.  We've been working our wardrobe around the items living in those baskets.

We may or may not finally be on the road to potty training.  Still no accidents at home in the past week, so hallelujah praise the Lord.  Now we just have to work on being out of the house without a diaper on the 2 year old.

I may or may not have spent entirely too much time playing Lego Harry Potter this past weekend because I want to try and finish the games on our 360 now that we have a One.  This has no relevance to the place we call real life and isn't constructive at all.  But I still did it.

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