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Monday, February 3, 2014

May or May Not Monday - 2/3/14

May or May Not Monday: Where you can divulge the secrets of life's mishaps without feeling like a failure.  So go on...own up.  I may have...

I may or may not have started a trend.  One other parents warn you about.  I may or may not have let our daughter sleep in our bed for part of the night or early morning the past two days.  Once because she got up way too early and it was the only way to keep her quiet.  And last night because she ate way too much at the Superbowl party yesterday and her tummy was upset.  I love letting her sleep in our bed...but only if she sleeps.  And that is most definitely not guaranteed.  She does sleep more soundly in our bed, but we don't.  I have good memories of the safe cocoon of my parents' bed when I wasn't feeling well or was sad or scared.  So I'd like her to have those too.  Unfortunately, last night, it meant relegating DH to the guest bedroom...which I most definitely did not like.

I may or may not have allowed my family have pizza for dinner THREE times last week and therefore we had it for lunch on several days too - including today.  There's a full pizza box of breadsticks and various slices in my fridge - just one of the many aspects of my house that is in desperate need of a good cleaning out, purging, and scrub down. 

I may or may not have worn pajama bottoms most of last week because I've been on a cleaning/re-arranging kick and it's easier to move furniture and bend over fifty thousand times to pick up toys off the floor in sweatpants than it is in jeans or a skirt.  This does mean that I managed to move the computer out of our bedroom without losing my mind or furniture in the process.

I may or may not have started hard core potty training our two year old last Wednesday and Thursday, then let it go until this morning.  So of course, she peed on her beanbag chair this morning.  I may or may not know how to clean pee out of a beanbag chair, so I may or may not have spot cleaned it and hoped for the best.

I may or may not have moved my ukelele out onto my desk, cleaned it, and put it in a prominent place in hopes that it'd motivate me to play it more often.  It's in the exact same spot, untouched since last Tuesday.

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