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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

May or May Not Monday

I may or may not have had ice cream for dinner three of the past seven days.  My stomach has been particularly vicious to me lately and honestly, even chicken noodle soup didn't sound appealing.  So, ice cream it was.

I may or may not have read seven books in the past week, mostly from the same series, mostly ignoring my family because I'm fighting to get comfortable lately.  To get quiet.  To get balanced.  And retreating into a fictional world for hours on end makes that a little easier.

I may or may not have had a mason jar full of spoiled homemade hair gel sitting on my bathroom counter for nearly an entire month.  And I may or may not see it every time I go in there, make a mental note to toss it out and make some new gel and then forget as soon as I turn around.  No, I haven't been using it.

I may or may not have gotten into the habit of buying my toddler hot chocolate every time I go through the Dutch Bros drive-thru.  And I'm not sure how to break this habit without the equivalent of throwing my sanity into a wood-chipper.

I may or may not have covered up the cat-puke on our bedroom floor with a towel and ignored it for several days because the thought of cleaning it up makes me gag and the thought of asking my husband to do it for me makes me feel lazy and guilty.

I may or may not have thought about rearranging the furniture in our house several times in the past week with no idea how to do it in a fashion that a) remains liveable and usable, b) doesn't require purchasing something, and/or c) doesn't relegate yet another piece of furniture to our already bursting garage...which I may or may not have resolved to clean out during January and haven't started yet.

Also, I may or may not have procrastinated until Tuesday to do my May or May Not Monday...

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